Sunday, February 24, 2019 8:27 AM | Kate Gille (Administrator)
Coffee and fellowship go hand and hand.   The trouble is that durable goods like coffee pots that will last another 10 years aren't free.  So, I've added an opportunity for folks to contribute to the purchase of a coffee pot and the air-pots that go with it to the front page.  Right now, our membership fees are headed to be able to cover most of the organizations over-head expenses for year one and I thank you all for that.  But, it doesn't look like there will be money for coffee pots.  Now, I know we could all bring our own, and we could make something work, and we will, if we have to but I think that a durable goods purchase like coffee pots will pay for itself over time and is something that will truly be used at every SCC event. So please, if you have a dollar or ten to spare consider donating it here! 

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