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  • Friday, September 04, 2020 8:25 AM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    There is discussion in the community about a recent decision made by the officers’ council; this is our official statement. For the safety and privacy of all involved, we have chosen to not include any names. We request that all public commentary also follow suit. (Public commentary in SCC spaces that includes names does constitute a violation of our code of conduct and will be addressed accordingly.)

    We are a community that aims to be safe and welcoming, and to that purpose we encourage healthy boundaries. Recently, a member of the community came to the officers with the concern that they felt unsafe in the presence, even virtual, of another member. After a review that included discussions with both people, we decided that the boundary being asked for was reasonable. We informed the individual that they were welcome to observe the virtual event this weekend but not to participate. They and their spouse chose not to attend at all.

    This community belongs to the people who comprise it. We elect officers to make decisions for the community, and as officers we try to keep the best interests of every member in mind. Sometimes this leads to incompatible positions, and we have to make the decision that we feel does the least harm. None of these are easy decisions. We encourage everyone to let us know how we’re doing, if you agree or disagree with decisions we make, and to remember that we choose officers by election specifically so that there’s accountability to the community.

    As always, any questions comments or concerns can be directed to the council via e-mail

  • Friday, June 05, 2020 10:30 AM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    We have decided to move the date of our meeting to NEXT weekend.  Please join us June 13th at 4pm on Zoom. 

    UPDATE: Meeting minutes are now available.

  • Thursday, May 14, 2020 5:12 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    Officer Elections!!!

    Thank you for your patience regarding our Spring Membership meeting and it's included elections. 

    Our SPRING MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be held on June 6th at 4pm! 

    Our meeting will include an election. At this time the following positions are up for election: 

    • Executive Officer A a 2 year term
    • Financial Officer- a special election- term ends Fall 2021
    • Communications Officer- 1 year term 
    • Advising Officer A- a 1 year term

    Information about the positions can be found in our founding documents, and has been included in the nomination form as well. 

    As per our By-Laws nominations can be made by any Council Member in good standing.  If you would like to nominate someone for any of the positions up for election please use this fancy google form! 

    To update your membership please head to 

    Your status must be "Council Member" or "Council Member (monthly)" to participate in nominations, or elections. 

  • Sunday, March 15, 2020 9:25 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    A Letter from the Officers, 

    Hello Tribe, the officers have been talking a lot behind the scenes and listening and researching the information about Covid-19 that the CDC and other government agencies have been putting out.  

    We were planning on cancelling our Ostara weekend tonight, and rescheduling the ceremonies and work to take place during Beltane... however, the CDC has just issued new guidance. 

    To summarize, they have asked all community gatherings of more than 50 people to be cancelled for 8 weeks, or until May 10th.  This impacts our next several events, and I am so sorry.  As an officers group there is a lot that we will have to talk about in regards to options we have for virtual meetings, what to do about our upcoming elections and more.  Please stay tuned for more information.  

    We miss all of you dearly and hope that you will all stay well through the course of the infection spreading through our local communities. This cancellation is in keeping with the recommendations of the CDC, local governments and health departments.   We want to thank you all for your understanding and patience as we all navigate this situation together. 

    Please be assured that over the next few days we will work with everyone to refund event fees that have been pre-paid and do our best to stay in touch.  

    Please stay tuned here in your e-mail box and on our facebook page. 

    Love and Light, 

    The SCC Officers. 

  • Monday, May 06, 2019 5:12 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)


    Thank you to everyone who joined us for Beltane!  Despite the rain I'll call it a categorical success!!

    We Ratified our By Laws with NO Dissenting votes!

    And then we raised a Stone! (Well, the kids did anyway)

    Election Results!! 

    Congratulations to our new Officers we are excited to welcome them to the team!

    Executive Officer A (2 year term)
    Kate Gille

    Executive Officer B (1 year term)
    Patricia Althouse

    Financial Officer
    Marcia Bourgeois

    Projects Officer
    Heather O'Farrell

    Communications Officer
    Mason Jean

    Advising Officer
    Coriander Woodruff


    Like we talked about at the meeting, we need a lot of durable equipment to raise stones.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share our Yankee Candle Fundraiser with Everyone you know! Post it on Facebook, e-mail to your mom's best friend and generally get the word out. 

    Here is the shopping link:

    Here is the Flyer to Print and Share, or E-mail to everyone.

    Stone Circle Council will use all monies raised in the Yankee Candle fundraiser to buy durable stone moving equipment. We receive 40% of all sales. The sale ends July 10th! 

    Have questions? Contact this project's lead, our Executive Officer- Kate or as always 

  • Friday, April 05, 2019 6:19 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    Stone Circle Council News

     Public Comment Now Open

    As some of you know, there has been a committee convened to draft the By-Laws, Mission Statement, and formal code-of-conduct for Stone Circle Council.  The committee has spent the last 60 days working through the details and now requires your input.

    Please follow this link to download or view the .pdf file containing the draft of these three documents. Read them over the course of the next 10 days.

    If your reading leads you to questions, comments or concerns we want your input. Please e-mail to submit your comment. 

    The public comment period starts today and we ask that all public comment be submitted by Noon on April 15th. Thank you. 

    Important Dates:

    April 15, 2019- Public comment window ends at noon
    April 17- Final Committee Meeting
    April 18- Public release of final draft of documents
    April 18- Window opens for Officer's Council nominations
    May 4- 1st Annual Spring Member's Meeting:
    -Vote to ratify Founding Documents
    -Vote to elect Officer's Council

  • Sunday, March 24, 2019 8:14 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    Did you get the newsletter??? Here's some things you might have missed if you didn't. 

    There is no longer a restriction on the number of camping spaces at Stone Song Center.. sorry for that error... yay! Come one come all!

    We are now accepting vendor and workshop applications for all of our events. E-mail to apply. 

    There's a committee hard at work putting together By-Laws, a Code of Conduct, a Mission Statement and the paperwork to be a 501(c) 3.  The goal is everything is ready for a vote at Beltane!! 

    EVENT REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! Join us for all our fun! Event Calendar

    WOO!  IF you wish you'd gotten the newsletter now, I can send you a copy just e-mail me 


  • Sunday, February 24, 2019 8:27 AM | Kate Gille (Administrator)
    Coffee and fellowship go hand and hand.   The trouble is that durable goods like coffee pots that will last another 10 years aren't free.  So, I've added an opportunity for folks to contribute to the purchase of a coffee pot and the air-pots that go with it to the front page.  Right now, our membership fees are headed to be able to cover most of the organizations over-head expenses for year one and I thank you all for that.  But, it doesn't look like there will be money for coffee pots.  Now, I know we could all bring our own, and we could make something work, and we will, if we have to but I think that a durable goods purchase like coffee pots will pay for itself over time and is something that will truly be used at every SCC event. So please, if you have a dollar or ten to spare consider donating it here! 
  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:52 AM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    Last Call! Want to be a part of our founding By-Laws?  Send your letter of interest to Patty Just tell her why you want to be part of the committee! Deadline is Jan 31st.  Meetings will be digital so do not worry about physical proximity. 

  • Sunday, January 06, 2019 9:54 PM | Kate Gille (Administrator)

    Hey Everyone! Check out our Calendar of Events!!

    A FULL YEAR of awesome stuff happening around the region. 

    Is there something we missed? Something you want to plan and invite us all to join you in doing?  Just lets us know!!! 

    Can't wait to see you around. 

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