The Stone Circle Council
Wherever we gather we are home.  Where we go, we will raise Stones.

All are welcome!

Please take a glance at our Event Calendar and join us for something this year.  Use the buttons below to sign subscribe to our newsletter.

Below you will find all of our up-coming events! Please join us.   

Due to the global health crisis our events are currently Virtual. We are hoping that we may return to in-person events soon.  Based on the current PA guidance we will be able to resume in-person events with precautions when Delaware County,PA enters the "Green Phase" and events of up-to 250 attendees will be permitted to take place. 

Wherever we go, we are Home, and Where we go we will raise stones.... 

"Many things in life are dirt-cheap... dirt is not one of them."  ~Red Rose Tea Bag, drunk by Helen Federico, 1966. 
This staying applies to stones too... We have made the decision not to base the attendee cost for attending Stone Family Gathering (Labor Day weekend, in Flintstone PA) on the cost of the Stones we will raise, rather we are organizing fundraising to defer those costs.  Please consider donating! 

2020 Quarry Expenses

Collected: $160.00
Goal: $2,600.00
Stones are expensive! Consider donating to cover the expense of the physical stones. Thank you!

The Mission of Stone Circle Council

The mission of Stone Circle Council, LLC is to build a safe and supportive religious community, to support and nurture the people that comprise it rather than only the places where they gather. We intend to fulfill this mission by holding regular religious ceremonies, spiritual festivals, and fellowship opportunities, by empowering our members to organize and offer their own ceremonial events, and by providing a welcoming environment in which individuals can join us in worship and community. We will focus our intention through the ceremonial raising of stones in any place they are welcomed, needed, and honored.

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