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Start: Friday May 24, 2024

End: Monday May 27, 2024

Location: TBD


What is TriFire?

 TriFire is an Alchemical Fire Circle event dedicated to personal healing and transformation through song, dance, meditation, and drumming in the tradition originated by the Vegas Vortex and MayFire. We hold three all-night fires from 11pm until dawn (approximately 6am), each night with its own theme. During the day we have workshops for exploring the deeper themes of alchemy, rhythm, and community.

By creating a space where we can fully express ourselves, our hurts and our triumphs, we do the work of turning our Lead into purest Gold. The ritual space is our laboratory, the circle is our alchemical vessel, and we are the ingredients. Together we circle the fire, which acts as our furnace, propelling us through the night, connecting us to the above and the below. We work with intention and compassion, holding space to play, experiment, and witness our collective transformations.

Come and join us as we gather around the sacred fire, our sun in this microcosm of the macrocosm we create on earth. We'll dance under the stars, journey through the planets, and give of ourselves for the good of the assembled. We will explore the mysteries of the One Mind and the One Thing to emerge better than we were before: our highest vision, the phoenix in flight, the rising sun!

We are the rising sun,

We are the change,

We are the ones we've been waiting for

and we are -- dawning!

Who is TriFire?

 TriFire is a collection of people of all ages, genders, abilities, ethnicities, and experiences. All faith backgrounds and spiritual practices are welcome in our laboratory. We play with the planets, the chakras, the elements, the angels, and our ancestors. We sing spirituals and showtunes. We recite poetry from Rumi and Rollins. We twist, two-step, and Time Warp around the fire. We are store clerks, therapists, scientists, entrepreneurs, nurses, artists, students, parents, and accountants. TriFire is YOU. TriFire is US.

 If you’ve attended an alchemical fire circle before, coming to TriFire will feel like meeting an old friend. The spirit remains the same, after all, with the fire connecting us into one beautiful family of fire. If you’ve never been to an alchemical fire circle, we hope you will find TriFire to be a welcoming, intentional space to do your personal work and a compassionate community to call your own.

 So what can you expect from TriFire specifically? Why should you come to TriFire? What makes TriFire so special? There’s no short answer to that, but let’s give it a shot!

 TriFire was created in order to continue the tradition of alchemical fire circles established on the east coast by Jeff McBride and Abigail Spinner McBride. Your co-labs and fellow fire family wanted to take what they have learned from years of experience attending, facilitating, and coordinating alchemical fire circles and bring a new fire to life in a space where we could all feel welcome and respected.

 Those on the team of TriFire collaborators (“co-labs”) have been attending and/or facilitating alchemical fire circles for years. Together, we have spent over 125 nights circling alchemical fire circles across the country. We are alchemical nerds who love this work and view the creation of this event as an act of service to our community. Our experience helps create a solid foundation for TriFire, but we are not the most important part of TriFire - you are! Each and every attendee who steps into our circle is a fantastic ingredient that deepens and transforms our experiment. Part of the magic of alchemical fire circles is that no two nights around the fire are ever the same, and that’s because of you and the energy you bring to our circle. 

 The TriFire planners receive no financial benefit from the event.  We pay our own registration, lodging, and meal plan fees just like everyone else. We, and our affiliate, Stone Circle Council LLC, believe in transparency and will post our financial information after settlement with our hosts has taken place.

 TriFire is relatively new, but anchored in years of experience. If you join us, you will be a part from the start, getting to shape and influence what this event can be for years to come. We have the opportunity to weave our own creation story and we would love for you to be a part of it - it would not be the same without you!

Fire Circle Rules

(Don't worry, we'll go over these at orientation)

  1. This is a sober event. For more information, please see our sobriety policy.

  2. No glass in the fire circle space. This helps keep the feet of our dancers safe and happy.

  3. No jumping the fire.

  4. Do not put anything into the fire without the permission of our Fire Tenders.

  5. Only enter and exit the fire circle space (our “laboratory” or “sacred vessel”) by the gate. Do not pass under/over the line of prayer ties.

  6. Respect the architecture of the fire circle by observing the following “orbits” of our Solar System:

    1. The Sun: the sacred fire at the center of our circle.

    2. Mercury track: the orbit closest to the fire where dancers move the fastest.

    3. Venus track: the orbit outside of Mercury where dancers move in more flowing ways

    4. Earth track: the outermost moving orbit where folks walk, march, stomp, and trudge.

    5. Mars line: this line of torches is for standing and bearing witness to the dancers as they orbit the fire. Sing, shake a rattle, make eye contact - hold space while staying in one place.

    6. Jupiter orbit: the track where our temples sit, several feet behind the Mars line.

    7. Saturn orbit: the outermost orbit inside the prayer ties. This is the space for brief rests and quiet conversation about your work and the processes of the night.

    8. The Prayer Ties: this line of prayer ties marks the boundary of our fire circle.

    9. The Outer Field of Stars: the space beyond the prayer ties where attendees can make their own constellations of chairs and “nests.” A place where they can store belongings, rest, and have quiet conversation not pertaining to the work of the circle. This is also home to the Food Altar, water station, and bathrooms.

    10. The Oort Cloud: the designated smoking area. Smoking, including vaping, will be limited to one designated area, to be determined.

  7. Drums stay in Temple Azul - unlike many general drum circles, we keep our drums together in one place so they can play as a cohesive group. Rules for drum & instrument etiquette are as follows:

    1. Feel free to bring your own drums and musical instruments to play and share.

    2. Drums that are covered or laying on their side are not to be played. Uncovered, upright drums are free to be played.

    3. Remember to remove any bracelets, watches, or rings you may be wearing when drumming to avoid damaging the head of the drum.

    4. Small percussion instruments like shakers, tambourines, and bells may be taken around the circle and played within the space. Please make sure to return these instruments to Temple Azul when you are finished playing them.

    5. Listen and play together! Alchemical Fire Circles function best when the drummers, dancers, and chanters are all feeding off each other’s energy. This means paying attention to each other, making eye contact, and responding to shifts in energy throughout the night.

  8. Showing Gratitude - the purpose of our circle is to raise energy to facilitate the personal work we do throughout the long night. When someone does something in circle that moves you, that you want to celebrate, we ask that instead of offering a round of applause, you find a way of showing gratitude that doesn’t release the energy that has been built up. This can be done through many ways - holding a hand to your heart, raising a hand up in the air, bowing, holding out your hand to them. Experiment with how it feels to let the moment and energy linger.

    -To show love to our drummers specifically, we have the Gratitude Zone. This is a designated space in front of Temple Azul where dancers can move out of the normal flow of the orbit around the fire and momentarily dance in one space to show appreciation for whatever delicious beat the drummers and noise-makers are creating.

  9. Offerings left on the Food Altar for communal sharing must be shelf-stable and in single serve packaging. This helps keep us safe and healthy. Multi-serving offerings will be disposed.

 Listen to your body. This process is designed to be an ordeal but that doesn’t mean that you need to push yourself beyond your means. Stretch often. Rest when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Drink water whether you’re thirsty or not. Be kind to yourself.

What to Bring to TriFire

- Tent, sleeping bag, & air mattress (if camping)
- Folding chairs
- Blanket
- Refillable water bottle  
- Jacket or hoodie (it can get cold at night!)
- Layers to wear at night (long-sleeve shirt, pants, etc)
- Sturdy footwear
- 2x the amount of socks you think you’ll need
- 2x the amount of underwear you think you’ll need
- Clothing to wear during the daytime
- Poncho or raincoat
- Umbrella
- Sunscreen
- Bug repellant
- Reliable flashlight/headlamp and batteries
- First aid kit/health supplies as needed
- Any prescription medications if needed
- Allergy meds as needed
- Shower kit (toiletries, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)
- Sunglasses
- Electrolyte drink packets
- Hand sanitizer
- Snacks (energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, etc)
- Individually wrapped offerings for the food altar
- Notebook and/or journal for taking notes, recording experiences, etc
- Writing implements (pens or pencils)
- Musical instruments (if unsure if appropriate at fire circle, ask!)
- Drums
- Trash bags (trash receptacles will be provided)
- Offerings to decorate the temples - the color themes for the temples are black, white, orange/yellow, and red (please be sure to retrieve them at packdown on Sunday morning!)
- Tealights, pretty candleholders to decorate the temples
- You are invited to participate in our color themes for the three nights: black, white, and red, respectively. That being said, there is no need to dress according to the theme if you do not desire. Please be comfortable and well-layered for the cool evening air
- A willingness to open up and experiment in new ways

Scholarship/work exchange

 For those attendees who may be of limited financial means, a fund has been established to help defray some of the costs associated with attending TriFire. Sunshine funds can be applied towards general registration fees but are not intended for  upgraded accommodations or consumables. Please understand that these funds are limited and are entirely dependent upon the generosity of your fellow attendees who elect to contribute to the Sunshine Fund. If you need a little sunshine to help you attend TriFire, simply contact us by emailing either or

What Not to Bring to TriFire

- Alcohol, including hard liquor, beer, mead, wine, etc
- Any illegal substances, including cannabis
- Firearms and weapons
- Pets
- Fireworks, noise crackers, and similar items
- Cell phones and other electronics (outside of tent - we invite you to unplug and join us in the here and now)

Sobriety Policy

 TriFire is an event dedicated to personal healing and transformation through song, dance, meditation, and drumming, in the Alchemical Fire Circle tradition originated by Vegas Vortex and MayFire. As such, this is a sober event, meaning that the use of mind-altering substances is not permitted. This includes alcohol and other psychoactive substances, but does not extend to caffeine or prescription medicines. The goal is for attendees to form greater connections within themselves, with their community, and with the energy that we raise around the fire. We aim to enter altered states through rhythm, movement, and chanting – trancing in to the present moment, rather than trancing out through the use of substances.

  This is not intended to be a value judgement against those who use substances in their spiritual practice or daily life. This is simply to say that this is not the place for that behavior. If you are someone who regularly uses substances at events, we invite you to experiment with new behaviors and to experience this event fully in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.

  TriFire is also a community that meets each others’ needs. Some of us come to this event to process trauma or experiences that deal with substance abuse. While we are not equating substance use with substance abuse, it can be detrimental to people trying to do their work surrounding substance abuse when they are sharing space with someone who is under the influence. We ask that our community works to ensure that everyone attending our event is in a safe space to do their own important work. We ask that all be aware of the effect that our actions have on others, and be mindful to minimize harm and discomfort wherever possible.

  Additionally, our sobriety policy is rooted in a place of personal responsibility and response-ability. Circling the fire puts people in close proximity to both the fire and each other, with people often moving in opposing directions and at different speeds. Maintaining our sobriety helps us keep each other safe. Furthermore, if you are under the influence and become too intoxicated or have a “bad trip,” it will force someone else to take time out of their process to care for you. In the event of injury or sickness, we will of course attend to the needs of our fellow attendees, but we prefer that you do not create a situation that increases the likelihood of that happening.

  If at any point you are struggling with maintaining your sobriety, there will be people you can speak to throughout the event. Please contact a co-laborator for more information.

COVID-19 and our Community Health Policy:

We require all attendees to adhere to SCC's health policy, which is outlined here.

Stone Circle Council LLC is a Registered Non-Profit with the IRS. 

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