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The Stone Circle Council

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LGBTQ+ Pride Circle with Stone Circle Council

The LGBTQ+ Pride Circle is a sacred space co-created and held by queer pagans, heathens, witches, and their accomplices. This space will be used to:

  • Connect with Queer Ancestors/Queer Mighty Dead

  • Facilitate conversation around sacred queer spirituality

  • Allow space to explore queer identity intersects with a participants path/tradition

  • Engage in community brainstorming for “queering” our practices

  • Hold space for processing of current events with community medicine

This circle will be held monthly in a virtual format to make it as accessible as possible for participants. Participants are asked to respect the privacy, security, and time of their peers by showing up before the formal circle space begins and not sharing the link with others. 

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Ron Padrón (he/him) is a gay Cuban-American folk witch from the swamps of Florida now living in the mid-Atlantic with his husband and their small cryptid dog. He has been a member the pagan community for nearly two decades with specific interests in divination, Queer Ancestor veneration and necromancy, hedge witchery, and social justice activism. He is the creator of White Rose Witching through which he manages a blog sharing Queer Ancestor Spotlights and rituals, and hosts workshops across a variety of topics. He has been a contributor to CoffeeTable Coven magazine sharing reflections on the politics of colonial witchcraft and examples of his personal practice of queer ancestor veneration. He has presented at the Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival, locally at Hallowed Homecoming, and as a guest speaker for local pagan groups, historic sites, and small museums. He is currently pursuing the Community Ministry Certificate through Cherry Hill Seminary and ordination through Sacred Well Congregation with a focus on sacred queer spirituality and ministering to pagan LGBTQ+ communities.

Please be aware:

This virtual event has the potential to be a multigenerational online event. 

Attendees under 18 years of age require parent/guardian permission to attend. Please contact Ron Padrón to request a permission form. Please note, you will need to register for the event using the same email and name on the permission form in order to be allowed in. 

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to supervise their children/youth’s participation in this online space. 

Attendees under 13 years of age must have the  parent/guardian who signs the permission form present with them during the event. 

Stone Circle Council LLC is a Registered Non-Profit with the IRS. 

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