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Samhain 2021

Start: Friday, October 29, 2021

End: Sunday, October 31, 2021 

What is Alchemical Samhain?

An experiment like none other, an interweaving of the alchemical fire with the celebration of Samhain!

As with any good alchemical experiment, we ask those that attend our TriFire event to release that which holds us back (our lead) and transform it into an expression of our highest self (gold). Sometimes, you have to shake things up a little bit in order to generate some change. This year, we are truly shaking things up by mixing and interweaving the experience of an Alchemical Fire Circle with the celebration of Samhain.

This will be an experiment completely unlike any that we have attempted before. Under the gaze of a waning moon, we will honor those who came before us and set the stage for our own personal growth. Samhain is seen as the start of the new year in some circles. As such, it is appropriate that our intentions are set for letting go of old behaviors that no longer serve us well at this time of the year.

Please bring your masks that help to protect you and those around you from becoming ill; standard Covid-19 precautions will be in place to ensure our physical health. More details on precautions we will take are to be determined as our Health Advisory Committee reviews the most current data. We also ask you to bring the masks that are worn in your everyday life. Some of these "masks" are worn to protect our hearts and souls from those who would do us harm. Sometimes we wear these "masks" to protect us from ourselves, and these are the most difficult to remove.

While dressing up is not a requirement, we do encourage those joining us to wear black for Friday night's circle, and a combination of reds, golds, and purple hues for Saturday's ceremony.

We will have sole use of the entire 244 scenic acres and facilities over the weekend at Camp Grove Point in Earleville, MD.

About the Venue: 

Camp Grove Point - 2930 Grove Neck Road Earleville, MD 21919

This 244 acre site is open year round and run by the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay.  Grove Point is home to meadows, whimsical woods, untouched wetlands, and a sandy beach along the mouth of the Sassafras River.  We have reserved the entire site for the weekend including the Program Center (with commercial kitchen), small lodges, rustic cabins and platform tents, as well as plenty of space for our own tents. 

Sleeping Accommodations: 

There are several options for sleeping; you may bring and pitch your own tent, or reserve a space in one of the spaces on site.  Please choose the registration option that is best for you. 

  • Blue Heron/Sea Gull Cabins: These fully enclosed, heated cabins include indoor plumbing and electricity.  These cabins normally sleep 11, but we are restricting to 6 individuals to provide for increased distancing for the prevention of covid-19 transmission. You will need to bring your own bedding, but there are cots to keep you off the floor. 
  • The Star Lodge: This larger cabin is fully enclosed, heated and has indoor plumbing and a small residential kitchen.  This cabin features multiple rooms with available mattresses on the floor. While the building traditionally houses 28 guests we are restricting capacity to 14. 
  • Platform Tents: These very nice canvas tents are raised off the ground on a platform and accommodate 4 guests each. They are not heated, but are located near a bathroom. 
  • Adirondack Cabins: These 3-sided cabins are screened in and contain 4 bunks. They are not heated but are located near to a bathroom. 
  • Personal Camping Equipment: You are also welcome to pitch your tent, or bring a small RV. (RVs must remain in the parking lot and there are no hook-ups available) 

Meal Accommodations: 

We have a wonderful group of experienced volunteers who will be using the commercial kitchen in the Program Center to craft a meal plan for your dining convenience. Meals included are Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Brunch.  The meal plan costs $45/individual and you can register here.  The chefs are well versed in making accommodations for most dietary restrictions; please be specific and detailed in your registration form.  Meal Plan Registration ends October 19th and there can be no refunds for the meal plan after that date. 

If you would like you are also welcome to cook your own meals! Feel free to bring your camp stoves and party on.  We do ask that you contain fires, even cooking fires, to the available fire-circles. 

It is tradition at TriFire to have a group snack table available during the evening fire. If you are able please bring snacks to share. Snacks must be prepackaged and individual servings.  Please make sure to sanitize your hands before grabbing snacks. 

Water and Electricity: 

There is running water, including showers and flushies, available at this venue.  Electricity is limited to the buildings but you are welcome to bring your chargers and charge your devices. Please bring a container to bring water back to your campsite.  There are no RV-Hook-ups.  If you need electricity to sleep, please reserve space in the full cabins or lodge. 

Early Arrival/Late Out: 

For the purposes of ease of set-up we have reserved the Program Center on Thursday evening. If you would like to arrive Thursday after 3pm rather than waiting until Friday morning, please e-mail At this venue Late Out is not an option; the full group must check-out and leave the area better than when we found it on Sunday. 

Covid-19 Precautions: 

The Officer's Council under the advice of the Health Advisory Committee will put into place the following precautions to decrease the risks of Covid-19 in our community. These guidelines are subject to changes based on the ever changing Covid-19 conditions.

  • All registrants over the age of 16 are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and to provide evidence of that vaccination.
  • Vaccination evidence may be uploaded by registering for the event "Vaccination Status" here on our website, or you may bring it with you to the event. Please note, unvaccinated individuals will be turned away.
  • All activities where social distancing is not possible will require attendees to wear a face-covering. (ex. Community Ritual.)
  • Face coverings will be required inside buildings, with an exception being made for habitants of sleeping cabins. (Please note, if you are having guests hang in your sleeping cabin or tent everyone should wear a mask.)
  • Please be mindful that we all have different risk-tolerance, please always ask before approaching another individual, and try to maintain at least 6 feet distancing when indoors and 3 feet when out-of-doors.
  • High-Touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly, and we will encourage attendees to wash and sanitize their hands by providing the space and opportunity to do so.


Please upload your photos from Samhain! Let's build a photo memory together.

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