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Mabon 2021

Start: September 25, 11AM EST

End: September 25, 10PM EST

Registration fee: None! This is a free event.



What seeds did you sow this year?

Mabon is a celebration of the harvest, and another name for the Autumn Equinox. Mabon is one of our two fully virtual offerings every year, offered so that our tribemates, who are sometimes seeds in the wind, sown far and wide in this strange, beautiful world we live in, might always have a chance to come together. Technology has its own magic, and in this past year and change in particular we’ve learned that there is always a way to come together, no matter how far apart we may be.

As the light of the year begins to wane, let us come together and share the fruits of our harvest. Share the tales we have collected along our travels. Over the past year we have labored, and we have much to show for it. Lessons we have learned, projects we have progressed on, crafts and books we may have finally finished, and so much more. Students coming into their own from long study. Crafters display wares that took skill and patience to make. More stones grow tall in our circle.

What did you sow this past year? What bounty do you now reap? Come and enjoy the companionship of your tribe as the days become a little colder, and know that we keep each other warm with the care we give one another. While the night gets longer, burn a candle and share the light with a friend at the end of the day. We can all light up someone’s day with a word, a smile, a kind deed. That light lives inside each of us, and the time of the year holds no sway over it.

What to Expect

Workshops on Trance, Rituals for the season, sharing tales in Bardic Circle, an escape room, exploring our virtual spaces and places, getting a head start on the holidays with a virtual swap meet and vendor tour and explore, and a movie to enjoy with good company. We'll be doing all of our Zooming in the Workshop room this time; you can also expect some hangouts on GatherTown, our latest chill zone. It's super easy to sign up! Just click this link or the button up top to get in.


11:00 AM - Welcome: The Zoom Workshop is now open! Come chat and have a cuppa!

12:00PM - SCW Mabon Ritual: Join in a Mabon led by SCW 101 students for the SCC community with this intention: Please join us while we give thanks for the abundance in our lives in all forms. We will be writing down our personal harvests and, if you wish, before the close of ritual we will join in burning our gratitudes to send them to the divine. Please bring pencil, paper, a fire source, and a fire safe bowl or cauldron.

1:00 PM - Lunch Break and Gather Tours: Join us for lunch and explore Gather with Kat!

2:00 PM -  Intro to Trance Possession: Brief Overview of the components of Possession - The Four Pillars

3:30 PM - Intro to Trance Dance: Brief talk on trance dance followed by guided moving meditations with the elements and the Divine (as it applies or doesn’t to you). Emphasis on grounding so nobody floats away on zoom.

5:00 PM - Virtual Swap Meet: Bring your gently used but no longer needed items and see if you can trade for something more useful to you at our virtual swap meet! Some good ideas: Ritual gear you find you never use, altar decorations that for some reason never quite make it to the altar, craft supplies for the craft you meant to try but never got around to.

6:00 PM - Escape Room: Together, let’s escape! Come join us for a challenging Escape room in Zoom!

7:00 PM - Dinner break & Vendor Tour: Join us for dinner and we’ll explore our community vendors in Gather and get a jump on our holiday shopping!

8:00 PM - Main/Closing Ritual: Sacred Movement and Chant

After Ritual - Bardic Circle: A Harvest of Tales- Bring a tale to share that helped set you on your path or that has special meaning to you. A myth, a legend, a fairy tale- share with us a short version and why it’s important to you. A youtube version of the tale is also good, just keep the telling to 5 mins or less to give everyone a chance to share!

10:00 PM - Late Night Movie: Join us for a late night movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Please upload your photos from Mabon! Let's build a photo memory together.

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