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Previously held: Weekend closest to the autumnal equinox - mid-late September

What is Mabon?

Mabon is a time of harvest, a time of giving thanks and finding balance. The Autumn Equinox is not only a time for reflection but also a time of harvest and preparation for the coming winter.

Join our community to enjoy the fruits of the harvest this year and to celebrate our bounty of community in a virtual event, so that everyone may attend this celebration together. By attending our Mabon Autumnal Equinox celebration, you may find new ways to ready yourself for winter, to reflect and celebrate this year’s accomplishments, and plan for the future. 

Currently no Mabon celebration is planned for 2024. If you feel called to help plan and run an Mabon celebration, the Officers would love to support you! Just reach out to

Past activities have included:

  • Rituals focusing on growth, harvest, and fulfillment
  • Bardic circles
  • Cook-a-longs and craft-a-longs
  • Workshops including sewing 101, budgeting, personal journeys, spinning, spoon-crafting
  • Late-night activities like bardic circle, games, folk tales, and movie nights


Please upload your photos from Mabon! Let's build a photo memory together.

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