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A festival of Games

Start: Friday, July 29, 2022

End:  Monday, August 1, 2022

What is Lughnassad?

In Celtic mythology the god Lugh established the festival as a feast, with games commemorating his foster-mother Tailtiu.  We will be celebrating in much the same fashion as a tribute to Lugh and a celebration of the harvest.

Wait, Games? 

Yup! All kinds of games!  Board games, trivia games, lawn games, water games, competitive basket weaving!  When you arrive you'll join a team! You and your team will participating in games and workshops and even classes all weekend and rack-up points to try and win the Lugh-Cup! (or banner or... rock, maybe... we haven't sorted it out yet). Can you and your team defeat our reigning champions?

Schedule highlights

Noon:  Registration Opens
Afternoon: Individual games and Social Events
Evening: 1st Team Event!

Morning: Team Games! 
Afternoon: Swimming, social time, and individual games
Evening: Ceremony Celebrating Lugh.. and Dance Party!
After Quiet Hours: Bardic, s'mores and fun

Morning: Team Games!

Pack out and Goodbyes! 

Want to help us plan?  Send a note over to our Projects Officer and join the planning committee; many hands make light work!!! 

Scrap Book

Feel free to upload photos of your fun throughout an event! For technical assistance, ask Avery ( or Keiden (

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