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A festival of Games

Start: Friday, July 30, 2021

End:  Monday, August 2, 2021

What is Lughnassad?

In Celtic mythology the god Lugh established the festival as a feast, with games commemorating his foster-mother Tailtiu.  We will be celebrating in much the same fashion as a tribute to Lugh and a celebration of the harvest.

Wait, Games? 

Yup! All kinds of games!  Board games, trivia games, lawn games, water games, competitive basket weaving!  When you arrive you'll join a team! You and your team will participating in games and workshops and even classes all weekend and rack-up points to try and win the Lugh-Cup! (or banner or... rock, maybe... we haven't sorted it out yet.) Can you and your team defeat our reigning champions?


This event we're doing something different with the registration: you can choose to participate in-person (at Gifford Pinchot park), or virtually, from the comfort of your own home. We'll be glad to see you either way. <3

In-Person ($50)

In-Person registration includes 3 nights of camping at the park, and participation in all our workshops and competitions. Make sure to bring everything you need to sleep, eat, and have fun in the woods; there's no catering this time! See program for details.


COVID-19 Policies

In accordance with recommendations from our Health Advisory Committee, masks will be required for all individuals during activities where we cannot maintain 6ft distancing; unvaccinated individuals (including those under 16) must wear a mask anytime they are outside of their personal campsite.  Other precautions including enhanced cleaning procedures will be followed - see program for details.

Virtual ($35)

Virtual registration includes streamed workshops, rituals, and other activities the festival, as well as a as well as a "take-home" box with all your goodies from the weekend mailed to you after Lugh. (No ritual supplies this time! Just mementos.)


What to Bring

Since the take-home boxes are coming AFTER the event this time, there are a few ritual supplies you'll want to have ready at home!

Friday: no nuthin! Just your beautiful self <3


- Corn Dollie Workshop: corn husks, ribbon


- Ice Cream Making: heavy cream, sugar, salt, vanilla, mix-ins of choice

- Campfire Cornbread: corn meal, flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, sugar or honey

Schedule highlights

Want to help us plan?  Send a note over to our Projects Officer and join the committee many hands make light work!!! 

Scrap Book

Feel free to upload photos of your fun throughout an event! For technical assistance, ask Avery or Keidan.

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Updated on: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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