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Groups & Clubs of Stone Circle Council

Quire - We’re here to help bring the powerful magic of music to Stone Circle Council events! Join the Choir (quire!) and join us in song as we aim to create unity through music, bringing the Stone Circle Council community together as one voice. Voices joined in song can help call gods, raise flagging spirits, and tell the story of our work. We’ve got a FANCY Facebook page for sharing music events, and inspiration when we aren’t singing together at events. Every singer is welcome to join and to carry this tune for our people.
Broken Board - Here at the Cup & Board kitchen we provide safe, well prepared, nourishing food for our community during events and spiritual activities. We do this work to ensure that feasting and food remain a core part of our spiritual journey both as individuals and as a community because it is VERY easy for food and feasting to become commercial and not spiritual. In our kitchen we encourage the development of safe food handling skills and we love to share our knowledge with interested folks. You can find us at all Stone Circle Council events and check out our Facebook group online.

Stone Crew - The Stone Crew consists of people whose act of service for the tribe is through labor. Our main role is helping guide the tribe in the ritual of moving and raising multi ton stone structures by hand safely and in a sacred way. Our path is built on trust, respect, communication, and the safety of everyone involved. If you are interested in joining us you can ask us on the SCC Facebook page or if you're ever at  an event and see a bunch of brutes standing around staring at a hole that’s us, come say “hi”.  .

Craft Coterie - The Craft Coterie group gets together every so often to share virtual space and company for craft sessions. Details about upcoming get togethers are posted on the SCC Facebook page.

Committees - 

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Even when it is battered, broken and smoking, if we work together it will stand tall!
We stand together as tribe.
Warrior and tribe by torchlight.
The candle for the absent, for you are always with us in our hearts.
Tigre - Drum Mage
A child of our tribe honoring the spirit of the badger.
Sharing bread and smiles.
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Updated on: Monday, August 30, 2021

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