Stone Circle Council

Where we go we will raise Stones.

The Stone Family Virtual-Gathering
September 3rd- 7th

What is the Stone Family Gathering? 

It's what we make of it. A gathering of Tribe to raise stones. 

5 Days of togetherness, 5 Days of Ceremony ending with new stones raised up to honor the community that created them .

This year we will hold our gathering in an All-Virtual format.  If you register before August 28th at 9pm you will receive in the mail a box of goodies, including a stone quarried in Parksburg, PA that will be your piece of what has the potential to be the largest Stone Circle ever made.  From the relative safety of your own home or campground join us for 5 days of workshops, games, classes, fellowship time and ritual. 

Register Here 


Join us on FB for up to the minute announcements.

Registration is $35 but we as a tribe acknowledge that what seems like a little to some is a lot for others. So we have a collection fund set aside to help spread a little sunshine!  Folks donate to the sunshine fund, and other folks can request those funds to off-set the cost of registration to our events. This virtual event included. 

Need Sunshine Funds? 

Register for the event, and select, on the "Review and Confirm" page. Select invoice me.  Then send an e-mail to  with a quick note requesting sunshine funds.  Feel free to request whatever percentage of funds you need! For most events, SFG included, we can offer 100% reductions! 

A Note from our Stone Crew Leader, Coriander:

Why are we meeting virtually this year?Because this community will always choose the health and safety of its members over all else.This community is strong enough to meet virtually to share, and laugh, and raise up each other.This Labor Day we will be together and we will raise stones like we always have and unlike we ever have before. ♥️♥️♥️

Please upload your photos from the Stone Family Gathering, or anything related!! Let build a photo memory together. 

12 photo(s) Updated on: Wednesday, August 19, 2020
  • Even when it is battered, broken and smoking, if we work together it will stand tall!
  • We stand together as tribe.
  • Warrior and tribe by torchlight.
  • The candle for the absent, for you are always with us in our hearts.
  • Tigre - Drum Mage
  • A child of our tribe honoring the spirit of the badger.
  • Sharing bread and smiles.
  • Robin dressed for the Faerie High Tea!
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