Stone Circle Council

Where we go we will raise Stones.

The Stone Family Gathering
Tribe Rocks!

What is the Stone Family Gathering? 

It's what we make of it. A gathering of Tribe to raise stones. 

5 Days of togetherness, 5 Days of Ceremony ending with new stones raised up to honor the community that created them .

This year we will hold our gathering at Stone Song Center in Flinstone, MD Labor day weekend, August 29- September 2nd 2019 . We will be creating a new mediation and ceremonial space at Stone Song and it will be delightful. 

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A Note from our Stone Crew Leader, Coriander:

What does it mean to be a stone crew leader?
For me it is the greatest honor to serve my community. It is my tribe placing their trust in me to guide them in the ancient practice of moving and raising stones. It is my job to listen to my community respect their limits, and serve them. It is my job to build each and every person up and to remind them how valuable and sacred their work is, from rollers, to ropes, to sacred witnesses, to those who are not physically present because they are cooking for the tribe, or building the fires, or tending to the sweat lodge.

Spring time is coming. The second generation will raise a stone at the Stone Song Center. Because we are stone people, and where we go we raise stones. Where we go we raise community. Where we go we work to make the land hallowed.

I am honored to be a stone crew leader for my tribe. I promise to listen, to respect you, and to do all I can to help lead this tribe in our sacred work.

Blessed be.

Please upload your photos from the Stone Family Gathering, or anything related!! Let build a photo memory together. 

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  • Even when it is battered, broken and smoking, if we work together it will stand tall!
  • We stand together as tribe.
  • Warrior and tribe by torchlight.
  • The candle for the absent, for you are always with us in our hearts.
  • Tigre - Drum Mage
  • A child of our tribe honoring the spirit of the badger.
  • Sharing bread and smiles.
  • Robin dressed for the Faerie High Tea!
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