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The Stone Circle Council

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The Stones Family Gathering

Labor Day Weekend at Buffalo Gap Retreat in Capon Bridge, WV

Start: Thursday, August 29, 2024

End: Monday, September 2, 2024

Even when it is battered, broken and smoking, if we work together it will stand tall!
We stand together as tribe.
Warrior and tribe by torchlight.
The candle for the absent, for you are always with us in our hearts.
Tigre - Drum Mage
A child of our tribe honoring the spirit of the badger.
Sharing bread and smiles.

What is the Stones Family Gathering?

It's what we make of it. A gathering of Tribe to raise stones.

Five days of togetherness and Ceremony ending with new stones raised up to honor the community that created them.

In 2019 we raised the Trilithon.

In 2020 we met in an all-virtual format and raised almost 100 stones in a stone circle that spans 3 continents. 

In 2021 we successfully raised 2 stones that now flank the Trilithon on the hill in Flintstone, MD.  We gathered as safely as we could and added new standing stones and a fairy cairn to our family of stones. 

In 2022 we successfully raised 2 additional stones on the hill in Flintstone, MD. The youth also re-homed the seed stones nearby.

In 2023 we began a circle on new land by raising another Trilithon at Buffalo Gap Retreat in Capon Bridge, WV.

And in 2024, we will return to Buffalo Gap and continue the work we began last year!

Do you own property that needs Standing Stones?  Contact us,

Stay tuned for more updates as the year moves forward! 

Activities to Expect:

Welcomes and on-site Registration
Opening Ceremony

Workshops, Classes, and Preparations
Night Pull

Day-time Stone Pull
Workshops, Classes, and Preparations
SCC Meeting of Members

Fun, Food, Family
A Blessing of the Stones

Closing Ceremony
Venue Clean Up and Clean Out 

About the Venue: 

Buffalo Gap Retreat is nestled in the foothills of the Potomac Highlands just outside of the Shenandoah Valley. It is a short 2 hours from Washington or Baltimore and a bit more from Pittsburgh. Less than 10 minutes to the charming riverfront town of Capon Bridge and only 35 minutes to Winchester, Buffalo Gap provides a retreat with forest, mountains, creeks, streams, waterfalls, ponds & nature in all its magnificence.

Buffalo Gap Retreat sits in the valley (gap) between two large mountains - Sandy Ridge and Slane's Knob. As a result of being in the gap, the property is teaming with spring fed creeks and streams which form both their upper pond and sandy bottom lake.

Join us in the scenic hillsides of West Virginia where another Trilithon will be raised! We have rented the entire Creekside Campsites side and a few cabins but will be sharing the rest of the campground with other guests. Join us for ceremony at The Island, take a dip in the spring-fed lake, journey over to the Lakeview CafĂ© for a snack or meal, and take up the ropes and rollers with your family of choice as a new foundation is laid for the SCC community. Event Planning team members are needed. Please contact if you are interested!

COVID-19 and our Community Health Policy:

We require all attendees to adhere to SCC's health policy, which is outlined here

Archive: Stones Family Gathering

2020 Video Archive


Please upload your photos from the Stones Family Gathering, or anything related! Let's build a photo memory together. 

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